Public Speaking

Since the publication of ‘My Enemy, My Friend’, Lauren has been asked to speak at many different events. The type of talks Lauren gives are all dependent on the event, but they are always inspiring, moving and from the heart. Lauren will cater her talk to your event but her talks usually focus on:

  • Inspirational / Motivational / Overcoming Adversity
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Family

For talks regarding healthcare and medical, examples of some of the talks Lauren gives are:

  •  Keeping yourself healthy the drug free way – the only things you need to get healthy are already at your disposal!
  • The benefits of homeopathy and why it should no longer be considered ‘the alternative option’.
  • A chronic illness affects you more emotionally than physically, and affects those around you as much it affects you. How to prevent this early on.
  • ‘I am no doctor but…’ The ‘expert patient’s’ view on how doctors can improve.
  • What is your child actually feeling? How to cope with a child in pain.
  • Natural parenting – from pregnancy through birth, breastfeeding, the early days and natural immunity
  • Living with Arthritis

Lauren has spoken at medical conferences, hospital events, Parliamentary events, exhibitions and private events and is also available for inspirational talks and as an after dinner speaker.

Lauren’s influential and insightful talk at the Parliamentary event she co-hosted alongside David Amess MP in June 2014.

Lauren at the Parliamentary event she organised and spoke at, along with Dr Clarissa Pilkington, Denise Balyoz, Dr Peter Fisher and David Amess MP in June 2014

The above video is of Lauren talking at a medical conference

Lauren after giving a talk about Homeopathy in Arthritis and Rheumatism at the Annual Conference for the Society of Podiatrists and Chiropodists with Jane Greenwood and Dr Keith Souter

Lauren Vaknine at the Houses of Parliment

Lauren in Westminster Hall at the Houses of Parliament after giving a talk at a Parliamentary event for Young People with Arthritis.

To book Lauren to speak at your event please contact or call 02089535768