24 Feb 2014

Lauren’s Secret Ingredient… My Tips on Staying Healthy

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If you have been diagnosed with an illness – arthritis or otherwise – you would no doubt have been offered a myriad of drugs. I don’t believe that any one drug can cure you. In fact, to date, there is no cure for any chronic, life-long or terminal disease, and we have to wonder why.

The problem with conventional medicine is that it treats (or tries to treat) the disease. Our bodies work as one whole moving vehicle. If you had a lorry with 10 wheels and one of those wheels fell off, the lorry wouldn’t drive properly. We have to treat our bodies as a whole. Sometimes disease or dis-ease, is a result of stress (physical or emotional) or our bodies are out of balance for whatever reason and we need to find the ways to make it work again. By taking a generic drug designed for all people with one illness, you will never heal fully because you haven’t reached the route of the problem. With JRA for example, most of the drugs block the immune system, they shut it down completely so that the immune system won’t release inflammation (being that RA is autoimmune). What I believe is that because RA is autoimmune, our immune systems are lacking, so instead of shutting them down like the meds do, I believe in doing the opposite – building them up to be as strong as they can be so that the stronger the immune system is, the less disease it releases and the less ill you get. Conventional medicine sees things in a very narrow minded way. Treat the person, not the disease, as homeopathy says.

Below I outline tips on staying healthy the natural way: (Many of the tips relate to arthritis but I just use that as an example, these practices can be used for any illness)

–          Strict diet. I’m strict probably 80-85% of the time. We HAVE to allow ourselves treats. During the week I am gluten, dairy and sugar free (I still always eat fruit. Anyone who tells you that natural sugar isn’t good for you is an idiot. We need fructose and glucose, but from natural sources, not from refined sugar. So eat as much fruit as you want.) On the weekends I indulge a little more but we are what we eat and our bodies need health!

–          Eat Organic! If you think of it this way it will help: would you spray your apple with ant killer, put it under the tap for a second then eat it? No. that is essentially what we are doing by ingesting insecticides and pesticides from non-organic food.

–          Drink lots of water – not tap water, it has too much fluoride (I’ll get onto fluoride in a minute)

–          Nothing processed.

–          Start your day with a green juice (if you don’t have a juicer try and get one). Kale, spinach, cucumber, celery, parsley, carrot, beets, apple, lime, ginger – they are all great ingredients. It cleanses the cells of your body to create healthy ones and since our cells constantly regenerate, we can get rid of disease altogether if we do the right things. After I have my juice, about half an hour later, I have a healthy nutritional shake. The one I use is Body By Vi as this has had all the rubbish extracted out of the whey and soy and is left with hundreds of vitamins and nutrients. It’s really important to start your day with protein, but it is hard as we don’t all eat chicken or fish for breakfast! For more information or to order Body By Vi call Marsha on 07956400929. It’s not expensive and lasts for a month, and it tastes good. Any other good, healthy protein shake would work too.

–          Eat as many anti-inflammatory foods as possible such as turmeric, avocados, pineapple, broccoli, oily fish, papaya and ginger

–          Cut out dairy. The bad bacteria in your gut feeds off of it. Calcium in dairy is a misconception. There is more calcium in a portion of broccoli than in a glass of milk. Substitute for almond milk or make your own nut milks – really easy if you have a Vitamix.

–          Cutting out gluten and refined sugar will help too.

So that’s eating. Next, are other things that help:

–          Cutting out fluoride. I learned this on my own, after three years of a non-stop flare up in my jaw. I was at the end of my tether. It was so painful some days I couldn’t eat or even open my eyes because the jaw pain went right up into my head. It turns out that I was lacking in vitamin b12 (even though blood tests said I wasn’t!) but I figured it out on my own because I was told that because there was no damage to the jaw, it was nerve related. It was basically my body’s way of crying out after so many years of arthritis. So I started taking vitamin b12 pills or vitamin b complex, I cut out tap water and drank only filtered, and started using a fluoride free toothpaste and the jaw pain actually went away! Just like that! Fluoride is so bad for us but the government see the need to keep increasing the levels they put in the tap water. It’s awful. Eight months later my teeth are still perfect so, no worries there! The contraceptive pill also reduces b12 levels so coming off that if you are on it can help reduce pain levels.

–          Probably one of the most important supplements you need to take, in fact, the most important step you need to take in getting better is probiotics. Because the immune system is in the gut (and RA is autoimmune), the stronger the gut, the stronger the immune system will be and the healthier you will be. I take Udo’s Choice Super 8 probiotics. You can get them in health shops or online. Take one a day EVERY DAY after breakfast.

–          Exercise. If you can’t do proper exercise because you’re in pain, go swimming at least once a week and do exercises at home to keep the muscles from wasting away. If you can do yoga and walking are also great ways to exercise.

–          Meditation. The more depressed we get about our pain, the worse the pain will get. It’s a vicious cycle. For me, I was stuck in such a rut after being in a 3 year long flare that I couldn’t be positive anymore, even though that was what I preached and even though I’ve been meditating since I was 18. Things were hard. But we have to get ourselves to the point where we can manifest health in our minds, we have to transcend to this point which is why I love Transcendental meditation. TM is the most effortless form of meditation which makes it great for beginners. Or just turn on a guided meditation once a day on YouTube and follow it. The benefits of daily mediation are indescribable.

–          A homeopath or some sort of holistic practitioner IE homeopath, kinesiologist, herbalist, Reiki master, something along those lines. I find homeopathy alongside other holistic treatments such as kinesiology or Reiki are the best. A practitioner who practices more than one would be best as the more integrated the approach, the more chance you have of getting better.

So I reckon that’s most of it; all the things I do daily to stay healthy. It is more time consuming and more expensive than just taking a pill and seeing a doctor once a month, that is for sure, but the benefits outweigh all of that because, well, I’m not in a wheelchair anymore! And you can be healthy too, you just need to put in the work…

Good luck! If you need more information or advice, feel free to contact me on the contact page.

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  1. Excellent advice. Combines so much great information all in one place!

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