13 Jan 2015

Giving My Health the Time of Day

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Dedication to staying healthy is more than a hobby, it’s a full-time job. It’s kind of like being that mythical person who actually enjoys their job, in that, you love doing it, but it’s still a job that every so often it’s nice to have a break from. Staying healthy is a labour of love for me; that wheelchair is safely covered in bubble-wrap in my garage and I hope to never have to use it again. The popping of the bubble wrap will be much less fun knowing what I’m unwrapping. So it’s not hard to remember what it’s like to have an aching bum from the seat of the wheelchair (oh, and that small issue of not being able to walk) and remember what I’m doing this for but sometimes the regime is tough! Some days I wake up and think, ‘God, there is just so much to do, all the time!’ And this without actual work!


Keeping an autoimmune disease (or any disease for that matter) at bay consists of this, on a daily basis, for me:

  • Wake up early, meditate, take homeopathic remedy
  • Shower, dress (all the normal person stuff), then make green juice
  • Walk the dogs
  • Go to the gym
  • Come back, make smoothie filled with chia seeds, hemp seeds, flaxseeds and other wonders that no one had heard of a few years ago
  • Take supplements (these include probiotics, vitamin C, vitamin B complex and a wide range of others depending on what my homeopath says that month. These can range from zinc to oregano oil to olive leaf extract to digestive enzymes.) And take spoonful of Hemp oil
  • Pre prepare healthy lunch and plan dinner (everything has to be organic, locally sourced, cooked from fresh and pre-prepared at home, so no short cuts or easy meals)
  • Breathing exercises and meditation again in the afternoon


Some days of the week I make a batch of healthy snacks so I have things around that I can snack on without feeling guilty. Of course these also need to be made from scratch (check out my Instagram for ideas of these!)

I brew my Kombucha (a live organism that is a natural probiotic that I ferment and brew at home)

At least twice a week I have to make online orders for supplements or things like fluoride free toothpaste or healthy body creams or deodorants, or I have to go down to the health shop to buy them

Once a week I need to do my online Abel and Cole order for all the organic fruit and veg I need

Home still needs to be run, dogs (and husband) still need to be fed and novels and articles somehow still need to be written, as do talks I’m giving, and meetings still need to be attended


Suffice to say that when the time comes for a holiday, I grab it with open arms. When I go away I make sure that I do none of this (apart from maybe meditation) because everyone needs a break from anything that can, on occasion, feel like a chore.


BUT… I would still rather put all this work in and be the healthy, vibrant person I am now, than the wheelchair-bound girl I was a few years ago.


Quite often I speak to people who want advice on how to stay healthy. They say they’re ready to try anything, they’re so fed up. But when I go through the work that actually needs to be done, they say it’s too much, ‘I don’t think I’ll be able to,’ they say. Really? In that situation wouldn’t you try anything? I know I did.


We are living in the era of convenience. Can’t be bothered to cook? Here’s a microwave meal. Can’t be bothered to breastfeed? Here’s some formula. Can’t be bothered to work at your health? Here’s a pill. But when are any of those things as good as the original, harder option? Never. Anything worth doing takes a bit of effort but reaps the benefits in the end.


Life is harder and more demanding these days, granted. We work longer hours and bosses expect a lot, there is seldom time to think about anything else. But in order to go back to being a generation who knows how to look after ourselves without having to revert to Google or a doctor any time something minor happens, we need to educate ourselves and take the time out of our schedules to focus on our health.


There is nothing more important than health, so let’s put the time back into it…


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