MTHFR – The Gene Mutation That Could Damage Your Unborn Baby

I owe a lot to my pregnancy, it revealed the final missing piece in my perennial search for answers to questions about my health and for that I am eternally grateful. I should be even more grateful, though, to Jessica, a lady in Florida who told me about the gene mutation, MTHFR. If you are pregnant,.. read more →

Giving My Health the Time of Day

Dedication to staying healthy is more than a hobby, it’s a full-time job. It’s kind of like being that mythical person who actually enjoys their job, in that, you love doing it, but it’s still a job that every so often it’s nice to have a break from. Staying healthy is a labour of love.. read more →

The Day I Hosted An Event At Parliament

Yesterday was a very big day for me and a long time in the making. Eight years ago I spoke at a Parliamentary event for young people with arthritis, which was hosted by David Amess, MP and sponsored by the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society. That particular day made a huge impact on me as it.. read more →

My Journey with Transcendental Meditation – Blog 1

I first came across the idea of meditation as a lifestyle twelve years ago, when I was eighteen and wheelchair-bound. I’d had juvenile rheumatoid arthritis since the age of two. My amazingly spiritual parents had taken me first to healers, psychic surgeons and homeopaths before ever considering embarking on something as preposterous as chemical drugs,.. read more →

Lauren’s Secret Ingredient… My Tips on Staying Healthy

If you have been diagnosed with an illness – arthritis or otherwise – you would no doubt have been offered a myriad of drugs. I don’t believe that any one drug can cure you. In fact, to date, there is no cure for any chronic, life-long or terminal disease, and we have to wonder why... read more →

The Truth About Your Dog’s Food… But What About Yours??

I watched a programme that was on Channel 5 last week called The Truth About Your Dog’s Food. It was fascinating. Well, it was common sense, but to most people, it was fascinating! Who knew that 50p tins of dog food contain a load of processed crap?? I DID I DID I DID! I mean,.. read more →

It’s Raining It’s Pouring… and I’m Not in Pain??

It’s been about seven months since I started seeing Trish, my homeopath, and about three months since I have been able to say ‘I’m in remission’. Remission is really (at least in Arthritis) a period of time when your symptoms disappear, but I have decided I don’t believe in that. I have learned many things.. read more →

The Missing Piece to the Puzzle…

  It’s been a while since I actually wrote a blog about how I’m physically feeling. Since the whole wedding saga, you guys haven’t really had the chance to hear the latest changes but that is because I wanted to give everything enough time. As you know, I’ve always been on homeopathy but what I.. read more →

Access: DENIED

Happy Autumn one and all! I want to share with you an experience I had last week which in my world has unfortunately become only too common. My rheumatologist who I have been with since I was 18 – who supports me fully with my decision to treat myself holistically – is now semi-retired. It.. read more →

Wheelchair Wedding – Part 2

Where did I leave off? Oh yes, I’m in Israel, a week from my wedding unable to walk. Well there was no miraculous recovery. No Vitamin D related miracles as everyone suspected.. “your body hasn’t seen the sun for a long time. As soon as you get on that beach and your legs touch the.. read more →