About Lauren

Lauren Vaknine, now thirty years old, from Edgware, North West London, was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis aged two. Her fate had been decided for her – by the age of twenty she would most likely be wheelchair bound. This in fact happened by the time she was eighteen. Through sheer will power and with the aid of homeopathy, alongside other complementary medicines and a strict diet, and a very supportive family, Lauren turned it all around and is now healthier than most average thirty year olds. In 2010, she wrote and published ‘My Enemy, My Friend’, a book about her experiences with the disease growing up and how she ultimately realised that if she wanted to get better, she had to do it herself. She set upon learning everything she could about the body and about health, putting conventional ‘logic’ to the side and starting from scratch. It worked, and you can hear all about it in ‘My Enemy, My Friend’.

Lauren now acts as patient ambassador and spokesperson for the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine and is the youngest ever trustee of the British Homeopathic Association. She has recently been named Parliamentary Ambassador for Juvenile Arthritis by David Amess MP, with whom she works closely to help raise awareness into the importance of early diagnosis and healthy living post-diagnosis. Lauren has now spoken at two Parliamentary events for this in the House of Commons. Since publishing ‘My Enemy, My Friend’, Lauren has become a keen public speaker and has given inspirational and moving talks in the UK and abroad. She has been asked to speak at Parliamentary events, conferences, hospital events, launches, private events and exhibitions. Aside from writing health articles for numerous publications, Lauren now writes health articles for various publications, as well as parenting-related articles which are published in the Huffington Post fortnightly. Lauren is now writing fiction and hopes to have her first novel published in 2017.

Lauren is in complete remission, and this after being severely disabled and wheelchair-bound. People thought she was crazy when she was in a wheelchair telling people she not only wanted to get rid of the flare, but that she believed she could find a way to cure herself. She knew there was a way and although it took a long time and a lot of hard work, she proved everyone wrong. She now teaches others how to reach the same results through a healthy, organic and drug-free lifestyle. If you would like any more information on Lauren’s healthy lifestyle, feel free to send her an email through the contact page of this website or check out the Tips on Staying Healthy page. She now also runs a healthy food and lifestyle blog which you can visit for great recipes here Organic Spoon.

Lauren enjoys reading, writing, watching films, cooking, travelling, walks in the park with her dog, fashion, long, deep discussions and now, being a mumma! She got married in June 2013 and lives with her husband Daniel, their baby, Braxton, and their dog Milo.

You can keep up-to-date with her public speaking engagements and blog right here at www.laurenvaknine.com !

Disclaimer: Lauren Vaknine is not a doctor and any information or advice given should be taken at the risk of the individual. These are just views and opinions of things that Lauren feels helped her go into remission.